Assignment: Copyediting pass (edits)

Here is the assignment with only copyedit suggestions shown (all proofing changes have already been made). Hold your mouse over shaded areas to see comments explaining the purpose of each change and query.

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SUGGESTION: Delete "obviously," to avoid the connotation that readers are inadequate if they don't already know this.Obviously, tThe Enron situation has everyone concerned about the lack of financial controls QUERY: In place where?in place, and whether there will be other Enron-related accounting disasters. Certainly earnings quality is a concern for investors, and the Enron fiasco has only heightened investor sensitivity at a time when the market is already struggling with valuation issues. TSI believes that over the short term, the market will continue to decline, but eventually the market will snap back SUGGESTION: Change "as" to "because" to be easier to understand at a because the market is overreacting to QUERY: Be more specific than just the name of the company?Enron.

First, SUGGESTION: This sentence seems to be presenting two reasons for why this situation is unlikely to recur. Here I separated it into two sentences to bring out the reasons; please add more wording to clarify (see next two comments).Enron was a concept company, not a product company, and <QUERY: To help readers understand what a "concept company" is, please say more here about what this type of company is, or is not.expand?>. SUGGESTION/ QUERY: Add "Further," to alert readers to second of the two reasons presented here. Please summarize what characterizes this unique "Enron type of balance sheet." Further, there are few if any other companies with QUERY: Can this become more specific, to clarify how companies might be related to Enron in such a way that makes the emergence of such companies unlikely?an Enron type of balance sheet. It is unlikely that other Enron-related companies will emerge. No questionSUGGESTION: Consider moving this sentence as the intro for this paragraph.—Enron was a horrible catastrophe that will impact the lives of many people for many years to come.

The market and investors are responding to three very negative and somewhat unrelated events that have frayed investors' nervesSUGGESTION: Write around the abbreviation "i.e.":, i.e., the September 11 terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001SUGGESTION: Move date to add year smoothly., the most severe bear market for technology stocks ever, and now SUGGESTION: Add "implosion" to be more specific.Enron's implosion. Over time, TSI believes that the market can repair the SUGGESTION: Change to clarify meaning.damage from these events and overcome current short-term uneasiness. The recession will end, investors will returneventually come backSUGGESTION: Change to "return" to be more succinct to the market, and hopefully now our world is becomingSUGGESTION: Change to the more gradual "becoming" to be more accurate. a safer place for our children because of the focus by as the United States and other world countries focus onSUGGESTIONS: Reword for easier readability. Delete "world" as redundant. curtailing terrorism.